April 3rd, 2013

Four Questions For Your Moving Company Estimator

When the movers visit your home to give you an estimate you are sure to have lots of questions for them. If the estimator answers the following four questions the wrong way you can save a lot of time and show them the door early.

1. Ask if they will supply references from businesses in the area for which they they have done repeat work. Any moving company can provide canned references but businesses will not use the same mover twice if they are the slightest bit unhappy with their work.

2. Ask if the quote will be a firm price or by the hour, weight or volume. Moving companies that quote an hourly rate can up the final price by taking a long time to load and unload. Similarly they can up the final price by underestimating the weight or by poor packing in the truck and hence increasing the volume.

3. Ask for a list of the extra charges that appear in the contract. A poor mover will not have such a list because they rely on obscure extra charges to up the final price.

4. Ask the estimator how long they have been in the moving industry and giving quotations. Then ask them how they will handle a specific item, preferably one that you think will be difficult to move or is particularly valuable. The answer should be thorough, in plain language without jargon and patiently explained. An experienced estimator will enjoy telling you how it’s done and the care that their company will take of your items. If you don’t like the answer or the estimator you will not like the company.

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