August 13th, 2015

Flatrate Moving Make A Dumb Move

There are of course a few exceptions but in general the level of customer service provided by moving companies is probably the worst of any business sector in the public arena. Moving Company News is full of examples of moving companies who have ripped off consumers in many different ways and for whom customer service is an unknown concept. However Flatrate Moving in the Bronx, NY appear to have devised a new way of alienating customers and generating bad publicity.

Lynn Myerson was having her Manhattan apartment completely redecorated and needed her furniture temporally removed. She used Flatrate Moving to collect, store and return her furniture. When the furniture was returned an $8,000 designer side buffet was damaged and a leg had been broken off (image below). Although Ms Myerson had opted for $10,000 insurance cover and subsequently made a claim, she was offered only $250.00. As a regular contributor to Yelp she had no hesitation in writing a critical review of Flatrate Moving detailing their lack of customer service and lack of communication in general.

What happened next is incredible. A Flatrate executive wrote to Ms Myerson’s boss claiming she was trying to bad-mouth the company for her personal gain. What ever the merits of the facts contained in the review this is probably one of the dumbest reactions it is possible to have and not unnaturally Ms Myerson is claiming damages for alleged defamation.

So if you are writing a critical review of Flatrate Moving send a copy to your boss alerting them that they may well receive a letter of complaint from a Flatrate Moving executive. Bizarre isn’t it?

side buffet damage and broken leg

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