July 25th, 2013

First Call Movers (Again!)

Only last week we wrote about moving broker First Call Movers and their involvement in a costly move from New York to Texas. This week we heard of Chrystal Woods move from New Mexico to Peoria, Arizona for which First Call Movers quoted $1,489. Chrystal paid $593 as a deposit with July 1 as the moving day. She called them two weeks before the moving date to make sure everything was okay and they said that they were still looking for a moving company to do the move (remember they are brokers who sell the actual move to another company). Chrystal says that she called First Call Movers almost every day leading up to her move but they kept telling her they were having difficulty in finding a moving company. Chrystal says she postponed her move date two extra days to July 3, in the hope that they would secure movers. However on July 3 First Call Movers still had not come up with a moving company and Chrystal was forced to make alternative arrangements.

Can you guess what happened next? When Chrystal asked for her deposit back First Call Movers said no, she wouldn’t be getting her deposit returned because she was the one who cancelled and when a customer cancels within 7 days of a move there is no refund! Chrystal eventually got her money back after the intervention of a local TV station.

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