March 11th, 2013

Finding A Moving Company In Easy Steps (Part 1)

So you need a moving company – what should you do? Essentially it’s a four stage process; first you should compile a list of local movers, then research them and make a shortlist, get quotes from the companies on your shortlist and lastly agree the move with your selection. Sounds easy and it is if you follow the advice given here at each stage.

This is part one of a four part article and deals with the compilation of a list of local moving companies, parts two to four will follow.

Compiling a list of local movers:

  • Do not use the Internet as your only method to find a Moving Company. Sure every reputable company will have a website but so will every unreliable company and even the scammers will have a good looking website. A very high proportion of complaints come from people who have simply chosen a moving company because they found them while searching on the Internet.
  • Do not use a broker. Brokers are not movers, they are sales teams that simply sell your move to a moving company for a profit and book a date for your move. Once a broker has sold your job to the highest bidder they are no longer responsible to you and you are stuck with a moving company not of your choosing. Also it is a fact that under federal law brokers are not motor carriers and cannot be held liable as if they were a moving company. In general brokers are not liable for the value of the goods or any acts, omissions or negligence of the moving company.
  • Personal referrals are the best way to find a good mover, so speak with your neighbors, co-workers and with any friends or family who live locally.
  • Local tradesman can also be a good source of information, don’t be afraid to ask them for recommendations.
  • Call real estate brokers in your area and ask if they would recommend a local moving company.
  • Take a look in the Yellow Pages and see if any moving companies have local premises and seem like a real business operating within your community.

There is no fixed number that you should have on the list but if it’s possible try for at least six or seven companies. When you have finished compiling a list of local movers you can move on to the second stage – researching your companies.

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