July 28th, 2014

Father and Son Scammers In Court

Reporting on a sting by 6abc Action News last February we said the New Jersey Attorney General had known about the rogue moving company Moving Max for 5 months and done nothing to put the owners out of business and in jail. Today acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman and the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs has filed a complaint against Moving Max and its owners, Adam Eliad and Oziel Eliad.

“bogus charges”

The State’s ten count complaint, filed in Superior Court in Hackensack, alleges that Moving Max, Adam Eliad and Oziel Eliad committed multiple violations of the Public Movers and Warehousemen Licensing Act and its related regulations, and the Consumer Fraud Act. Including engaging in a predatory bait and switch scheme through their offering for sale and provision of public moving services.

“threatened to drive off and retain the customers personal belongings unless and until payment was made by cash or money order”

Hoffman said “We allege that the defendants are repeat violators of our consumer protection laws and regulations. We are asking the court to permanently bar them from the moving industry and impose enhanced civil penalties for their egregious actions.”

“engaged in predatory bait and switch scheme”

The State is also seeking enhanced penalties because Adam Eliad and Oziel Eliad allegedly violated terms of a February 2007 Final Consent Judgment related to a former moving company they owned.

You can view the full court filing here (PDF).

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