March 20th, 2013

Everything Stolen And No Insurance

A young couple planning to move from their home in Seattle to California have had the van in which they packed all their possessions stolen. Last Saturday Ambrose Romero and Jason Jones put everything they own, including valuables and personal items, into a 24 feet Budget rental truck in preparation for their move the following day. When they woke up Sunday morning the truck was gone. The truck was later found by police abandoned and empty. So far none of the items have been recovered and to make matters worse their possessions were uninsured and they had minimal insurance on the van. It is essential to make sure your insurance cover is adequate before you move and make sure you are covered for theft in circumstances like these.

1 comment to Everything Stolen And No Insurance

  • Sounds like a homeowners insurance claim to me. I think homeowner’s insurance covers stuff when it is in storage or the similar – which i believe is the case here. I am not insurance expert,but, I will be this is the case.

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