November 24th, 2015

Duntara AKA American Moving and Storage

Fort Lauderdale, FL moving company Duntara Moving & Storage (doing business as American Moving and Storage) are in the news this week.

Duntara Moving And StorageHarold Hoffman’s move from New Jersey to Broward County started badly when after waiting all day the truck showed up at 5 pm. It took until 11 pm to load up at which point he was told that the original estimate of $2,900 had become nearly $5,000.

Upon delivery Hoffman was told to pay the difference in cash before the driver would unload. Not only was he the victim of the common hostage moving scam but when he inspected his belongings some items had been damaged and others were missing.

American Moving and StorageCalls to Mike Ozen the owner of Duntara were never returned and Ozen even went into hiding when the local TV station visited his company’s office in person.

With 22 one star reviews out of a total of 25 on Yelp and 65 complaints in the last three years registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) none of this is surprising.

Typical Yelp comments include:

“Run, hide, don’t ever use this company” – Summer A. of San Diego, CA.

“This place deserves zero stars” – Thomas N. of Melbourne, FL.

“They are the worst company I have ever worked with” – Jodi F. of Chicago, IL.

“Warning do not hire them” – Carly S. of Boston, MA.

Duntara truck

If you use this company be prepared for a moving nightmare.

1 comment to Duntara AKA American Moving and Storage

  • Of course this one side of the story and the right and true facts are not listed in this complaint. At the time of Mr. Hoffman’s booking he stated he had 78 items for us to move for him with an estimated price of $2960.85. Actually Mr. Hoffman had 128 items that we loaded on the day of the pickup. A written revised estimate was given to Mr. Hoffman before anything was loaded on the truck and he signed the new estimate with the new price of $4976.06. There was also $299.00 in packing included in the new estimate that was needed to be done in order to ship some items safely. As far the pickup time of 5pm Mr. Hoffman could have refused us to start loading but he did not.

    There was no scam put on for this customer. He knew the price before we loaded one item on the truck. As far as missing and damaged items we did not hear from the customer in regards to his claim until channel 10 news contacted us. We had no statement for channel 10 news because we knew the true facts would not be told. I believe they were just out to make us look bad. Once we found out about the damages we sent Mr. Hoffman a claim form for him to complete. We entered a claim according to the DOT regulations based on the valuation the customer signed for and Mr. Hoffman rejected the offer.

    Calls to Mr. Ozen were answered from channel 10 news. emails and faxes were exchanged between our office and Ms Judy Reich of channel 10 news, but none of that information is listed in this complaint.

    As far as the 25 Yelp complaints. We don’t pay Yelp and because we don’t pay them they only list the bad reviews. In the past 3 years we have done over 3000 moves for customers in which some have listed positive reviews on Yelp, but no one sees those.

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