February 28th, 2014

Check The Ratings!

Furniture damaged during the movePatricia Woodward moved just 7.5 miles from Lakewood to Brook Park, OH using a local Cleveland moving company, Moving Experts LLC. During the course of the move furniture and appliances were damaged and items lost. Unfortunately Patricia did not take out additional moving insurance and was offered only the legal minimum of 60 cents per pound. Even if you are moving a short distance you should make sure that your possessions are fully insured.
Damaged freezer during the moveHer case was taken up by ‘5 On Your Side Solutions Center’ and during the course of an interview Patricia admits that she did not look up the rating or reviews of Moving Experts (video clip below). In fact the moving company has an ‘F’ rating (the lowest possible) with Cleveland Better Business Bureau registering 57 complaints in the last 3 years. Let Patricia’s frank admission be a lesson to anyone about to employ a moving company, even if you are only moving across town.

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