May 23rd, 2016

Best Offer Moving Scam

Carlyn Lucas, a single mother hired Best Offer Moving Company of Gaithersburg, MD to move her and her daughter to an apartment 10 miles down the road.

Company logoCarlyn accepted a quote of $348 but on the day of the move, after all their belongings were loaded onto the truck, Best Offer Moving Company demanded $1,391.50 which is over four times the original quote.

She told the company that she could not afford to pay, and they just drove off with everything Carlyn and her daughter owned. A classic bait and switch if ever there was one and strictly illegal. Under Maryland law a moving company cannot refuse to deliver a customer’s household goods when the move is within the state.

The bait and switch scam by moving companies happens many times a day in the US but what makes this case particularly unpleasant is that Carlyn’s daughter is unfortunately a deaf-mute with cerebral palsy. Taken away were not only their beds, clothes etc., but also vital medicines and equipment used by Carlyn’s daughter.

Fortunately, the Attorney General of Maryland, Brian Frosh took up the case and
Carlyn and her daughter were reunited with their belongings after 18 days. Frosh is now suing Best Offer Moving Company and the owner Andrey Dziapka.

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