August 31st, 2015

Another Overnight Stop Family Disaster

Anna Spencer was making the long journey from Savannah, Georgia to Fairbanks, Alaska in a 26ft U-Haul moving truck containing everything belonging to her family of seven. She was moving the contents of their four bedroomed home with an estimated value of $100,000 to join her military husband at a new posting.

During an overnight stop at the Ramada Plaza in Abbotsford just over the USA /Canada border the truck was stolen.

It’s not the first time a family have had all their possessions stolen during an overnight hotel stop. We have reported on similar thefts before in previous posts such as An Overnight Stop Can Lose You Everything and Overnight Stops Are A Big Risk.

We have also suggested what you can do to prevent thefts of this kind if you really do have to leave everything you own unattended. You can immobilize the truck with a good quality wheel boot, ask a friendly mechanic to show you how to disconnect a wire or remove a fuse from under the hood, take out the truck’s battery or sleep in the cab.

If you don’t take precautions you may end up giving a distressing interview to the police like the unfortunate Anna Spencer in the video below.

Police also released a security video (below) that captures the theft of the truck. However such is the poor quality of the footage that for all practical purposes it is useless. Message for the Ramada Plaza in Abbotsford – If you are going to have CCTV surveillance at least make sure it is fit for purpose.

The truck has since been found but most of the contents are missing.

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