December 2nd, 2013

An Overnight Stop Can Lose You Everything

Truck wheel bootLast Tuesday Donald Davis and his family were moving their belongings in a Penske box truck from Atlanta, Georgia to Columbus, Ohio. They took an overnight stop at a hotel in Berea, Kentucky and when they went to continue their journey on Wednesday morning the truck had been stolen. Kentucky State Police found it a few hours later but the truck had been emptied and then set on fire. Donald hopes that the insurance will cover the cost of the furniture and appliances but of course it will never make up for the loss of the family’s personal and irreplaceable possessions.

Remember when you rent a truck to move your belongings never leave the truck unattended. If you really don’t want to sleep overnight in the cab then immobilize the truck with a good quality wheel boot. If you can’t get a reasonably priced wheel boot ask you friendly mechanic to show you how to disconnect a wire or remove a fuse from under the hood. It’s a small price to pay to prevent losing everything you own.

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