February 20th, 2014

Alpha And Omega Moving And Storage Nightmare

Alpha And Omega Moving and Storage LogoJuliet Tyler used Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage of Sun Valley, CA to move her possessions to Buffalo, NY but could not have foreseen the extent of the nightmare that followed.

When her items arrived jewelry and valuables were missing, furniture was broken, boxes marked fragile had been smashed and even her brand new iMac was shattered into pieces (images below).

Not unnaturally Juliet wanted to warn others and wrote about her bad experience on review sites and she also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It was then that Alex Sage who was at the time an employee of Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage began to intimidate and threaten her with abusive phone calls and emails. Juliet is a real estate agent and when she refused to alter or remove her reviews Alex Sage retaliated by posting false reviews about her business. Reading through these and his emails it is quite clear that Alex Sage has mental health issues.

So you think the owner of the company would put things right, wouldn’t you? Phillip Cohen who is the owner of Alpha and Omega Moving and Storage has not only failed to compensate or apologize for the damage but has himself taken to the review sites to defend his (now) ex-employee Alex Sage and issue veiled threats.

The harassment and threats to her life have reached a point where Juliet has now filed a police report. Let’s hope the police take firm and decisive action as soon as possible.

Broken Furniture

Broken Furniture

Smashed and broken iMac

Smashed iMac

Boxes labled fragile destroyed

Boxes Marked Fragile

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