August 6th, 2013

Ally Relocation

Imagine this, you are waiting in your new home for your moving company to arrive. They do not turn up at the appointed time so you give them a call and they tell you the truck will be there next day. Again the truck does not turn up and you give them another call and again they say the truck will be there the next day. This daily ritual is repeated until a week later the moving company stops returning your calls.

That’s what happened recently to Linda Batchelor and her family last week, moving from California to Pacific, Washington. They used Chatsworth, California moving company Ally Relocation who give their address as a PO Box, which is the ultimate red flag when choosing a moving company.

Ally Relocation of Chatsworth California

Linda got the help of KOMO 4 TV and eventually a truck arrived and unloaded about two-thirds of her family’s belongings. There is extensive damage and 61 boxes are still missing, so the nightmare is not over yet.

Visiting the offices of a moving company will give you a good idea of the quality of the company but second best is to locate them on Google Maps – Street View. If you find a Post Office stay well away!

2 comments to Ally Relocation

  • sarah

    same thing happened to me.

    They showed up 6 hours late with out calling to alert me of their delay and never answered their phones to give me an eta. I couldn’t leave a voice mail because the box was full. once they finally showed up they ” forgot” the forms to mark all my items but said they would do it that night once they got back to the warehouse and send me a copy in the morning. They called me to tell me that my price had doubled because the price they quoted me was less than what my items weighed, but that was the only time I received a call from them. I was promised a one week delivery guarantee! Even with daily calls, a police report, and many sleepless nights some of my items arrived 4 weeks later. They unloaded my items and then tried unloading other peoples items. I had to have them reload several items that did not belong to me. I lost a lot of high dollar items including my computer and dyson vacuum along with several boxes including several kids toys. I lost 8,000 dollars worth of items minimum and when i filed a report with their insurance company the insurance company denied me any payout since I had no list of items… This company is TERRIBLE. DO NOT USE THEM!!!!!!!

  • unknown

    Well, sounds like sad story, Shipment held hostage, late delivery, extra charge/ over charged, rip off,

    Come on, do you really think 2 storage units, 2 day packing and loading, driving, unloading and straight delivery would cost you $3000-$4000??? Do you really think 1200-2000 miles of fuel, truck leasing and packing materials and labor with workers camp and health care and other bureaucracy bills would really cost $3000-$4000???

    Doesn’t it sound like TV commercial “Get Cash Now!!!” or online spam with offer of $2000 for watching someone grandma from webcam? Yes, it does. why to choose so low quotes, If you do choose why not read and understand the quote why is it so low???
    its not a purchase that you could return it in 30 days and its not a service that your in control and surveillance of service provider, its a very hard and not easy service where the mover has your lifetime collected items and furniture.

    Do you guys do little calculations, get some advice from people who moved before, research? Someone comes with the truck and takes your costless and useless items. No one gets insurance for the move of belongings worth of 40k-50k-60k…? Or $0.60 per lb per article(item or piece) reimbursement will be enough to cover your lost. Did the news or other organizations checked her contract, order for service or the history/ records of other offers when she was looking for company to compare the quote? Did you make your own inventory for your records and how many times checked the company inventory (when its required 3 times) and who checked the items(customer and foreman or just a customer) and did you notify or at least marked the boxes that contain any valuable items (pictures, inventory, receipts of purchase).

    Sounds a lot, ha???

    That’s why Moving companies offer services like this, proper packing, preparing, getting rid of the staff or selling or donating the staff that you will never need it or or use it. If there is something that valuable get insurance. (you get insurance for house, car or phone, even a life insurance. Because you never know what might happen during the transportation). But all this services are not cheap and cost money.

    I could go on and on. Its easy to say in this box missing laptop, ring or brand new iPhones. Missing 10 boxes out of 50? Are you sure? lets now check again and all parties and mediators just to make sure. Checked 3 times and movers with customer and random people who wants to help went through and missing 3 boxes now, ok, lets do paperwork and try find, no find, insurance, no good insurance no good check, good insurance nice check.

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