September 29th, 2014

Alliance Moving Services and Liberty Relocation

Alliance Moving ServicesMs. C used Alliance Moving Services of Long Island City, New York to arrange her move from Santa Maria, California to Austin, Texas. Alliance Moving Services is a broker and they sold her job on to Liberty Relocation of Bellevue, Washington. It’s difficult to imagine a more toxic combination. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCA) are showing 26 complaints so far in 2014 for Alliance Moving Services and Liberty Relocation have the lowest possible rating (F) with the Better Business Bureau.

Liberty RelocationOn the day of the move the driver for Liberty Relocation arrived late and in a rented truck. When the driver saw Ms. C’s possessions he increased the quote to $3,100 from the binding estimate of $2,500 given by Alliance Moving Services. The driver said that the increase in price was due to the volume of her possessions and the fact that some items needed to be bagged with plastic wrap and tape. The driver threatened to cancel Ms.C’s order if she did not agree to the price increase. She did not agree and her belongings were loaded and taken to a storage facility where they remain.

As is typical in these cases Ms. C’s phone calls to Alliance Moving Services and Liberty Relocation did nothing to resolve the issue and she has had to resort to the use of an attorney.

We can’t say it too often – never use a moving broker and do your research.


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