June 16th, 2014

A Moving Company’s Social Networking Stupidity

A few weeks ago when I first saw @GoKingMovers self-congratulatory tweet I thought it was strange that a moving company should have the “No. 1 Twitter Account in Colorado”. Now I have had time to do a little research I can see that it is a straight forward but idiotic attempt to deceive consumers.

Go King Mover tweet

Clicking on the link contained in the tweet resolves to the Twitaholic.com page showing the top 100 twitterholics in Denver, based on Followers. Sure enough in the No. 1 slot is Go King Movers with 1,015,890 followers which is almost twice as many as the Denver Broncos who are in the No. 2 slot.

More followers than the Denver Broncos LOL

The idea that a small Denver moving company should have twice as many followers as last years Super Bowl finalist’s is laughable and could only have been accomplished by buying Twitter Followers. There are many places to buy Twitter Followers, as this Google search shows and 1 million followers can be obtained for less than $1,000.

If a company is prepared to deceive consumers by buying Twitter Followers be warned, they won’t think twice about buying positive reviews on consumer review sites.

Six months ago 7NEWS Investigators, Denver had an eye opening piece on King Moving & Storage (now Go King Moving and Storage) from which the three short clips below have been taken.

1. Changes in name and company owner…

2. CFO (Lance Migliaccio) has done time for drug charges and the owner (Henry Aragon) has been heavily find in the past for deceiving and defrauding consumers…

3. Another name change…

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