July 28th, 2013

Moving Companies That Engage With The Community

One of the ways in which you can tell a good moving company is if they engage with the community. Here are four examples:

NorthStar Moving in Chatsworth, California are providing free pick-up from 35 collection points in a summer food drive competition to feed hungry children in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Athol, Massachusetts […]

July 25th, 2013

First Call Movers (Again!)

Only last week we wrote about moving broker First Call Movers and their involvement in a costly move from New York to Texas. This week we heard of Chrystal Woods move from New Mexico to Peoria, Arizona for which First Call Movers quoted $1,489. Chrystal paid $593 as a deposit with July 1 as […]

July 20th, 2013

LRS Moving and Storage

Karen Conner and her husband were moving last week from Oregon to Arizona with Lancaster Relocation Services, Beavercreek, Oregon (aka L.R.S. Moving). Unfortunately Karen and her husband did not check with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to see if the company was registered, which it isn’t. Neither did they check with Better Business […]

July 19th, 2013

First Call Movers

Last week Jennifer Surridge was moving to Texas from Rochester, New York and had obtained an estimate from broker First Call Movers for $3,500. First Call Movers brokered (sold) the move to All Star Movers who turned up on the day, packed everything up and loaded the truck. All Star Movers then told Jennifer the […]

July 18th, 2013

Moving Company Brokers Get It Wrong Again

One of the big don’ts when researching movers is use a broker. This is because they are not movers they are sales teams that simply sell your move to a moving company for a profit. The image below shows a partial screen shot (taken today) from internet broker Moving.com for White Glove Relocation Services, Aurora, […]

July 14th, 2013

Movers In Other Countries – Japan

The video below shows how a moving company operates in Japan and probably represents everybody’s idea of a perfect move. Of course not all Japanese moving companies are like Art (0-123), the moving company shown in the video. However there are quite a few similar full service moving companies and they are all at the […]

July 5th, 2013

King Moving & Storage Denver

Jaime Kingery signed a contract with King Moving & Storage Denver, CO to pack up her belongings, temporarily store them and then move them to her new house. It was a nightmare of a move as you will see from the 9News video below.

Problems include:

Furniture was delivered six weeks late Broken and […]

July 3rd, 2013

Moving Company Bills For Truck Breakdown

Here is a informative video from 10News San Diego that includes the story of a downsizing move where half the items were to be moved to the new home and the other half put in storage. The moving truck belonging to One Stop Moving & Storage broke down and the items had to be moved […]

July 1st, 2013

Texas Moving Companies

In Texas it is illegal for a mover to operate without a ‘license to conduct moves’ issued by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV). Texas moving companies operating illegally may not have insurance and you would be at high risk if you used them for your move. Charles Wood, an investigator with the Austin […]