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Vogt Relocation

Clarence Bruno Vogt born 02-22-1967
Vogt Relocation is one of those moving companies with reviews that contain phrases such as “my sister lost at least $20,000 worth of property” or they “ruined our bedroom furniture and scratched all of our newly finished hardwood floors” but their latest dirty trick is almost unbelievable.

Seynique Smythe paid Clarence “Bruno” Vogt in July to move all her belongings, including her car, from Chicago to Maryland. She has yet to see her belongings but Berwyn police recovered her car.

According to the police report the car was impounded after Clarence Vogt was pulled over driving her vehicle. When she returned to Chicago to collect the car Vogt had put 1,500 miles on the clock and to make matters even worse over the following 3 weeks she received $600 of fines from the Illinois Tollway.

The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) that regulates movers say they have had numerous complaints about the company and that Vogt has 23 citations and owes $10,000 in fines.

Why this criminal has not been jailed is a mystery.

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Tituss Burgess Demoted

Tituss Burgess Review Not Recommended By Yelp

Just because you have appeared in Broadway musicals, star in a Netflix original series and have been nominated for two Emmy awards doesn’t mean you can’t write a scathing Yelp review.

Tituss Burgess did just that after Brooklyn based Franks Express Moving failed to turn up on time, and then demanded a positive Yelp review before they would turn up at all.

Tituss Burgess's demoted Yelp review

My name is Tituss Burgess. Im an Emmy Nominated Actor for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt currently streaming on netflix. Thats besides the point.But watch it. These guys are the absolute most UNPROFESSIONAL workers I have EVER DEALT WITH. I called this man this morning. We chatted. He said he could move my couch at 1pm which was the time I requested. 1:30 still no movers. I called back and he says I will give you a discount…I said ok. He says but you have to post a review on yelp. I said when you complete the job i will complete the review. FOR THE FOLLOWING I HAVE THE ENTIRE TEXT EXCHANGE SAVED. He texts saying no review no show. This went on for about 45 minutes. It Completely threw my entire day. I called him about 9 times but he wouldnt pick up but he somehow was capable of texting. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Im going to post this to twitter to my instagram to my facebook. You messed with the wrong Queen.

What’s interesting is that Yelp have subsequently demoted his review to a section labelled “…reviews that are not currently recommended”.

Yelp claim to “…use automated software to recommend the reviews we think will be the most helpful to the Yelp community based primarily on quality, reliability and the reviewer’s activity on Yelp.”

Clearly Tituss’s few choice words did not make the cut. We don’t know why, anybody want to take a guess?

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Best Offer Moving Scam

Carlyn Lucas, a single mother hired Best Offer Moving Company of Gaithersburg, MD to move her and her daughter to an apartment 10 miles down the road.

Company logoCarlyn accepted a quote of $348 but on the day of the move, after all their belongings were loaded onto the truck, Best Offer Moving Company demanded $1,391.50 which is over four times the original quote.

She told the company that she could not afford to pay, and they just drove off with everything Carlyn and her daughter owned. A classic bait and switch if ever there was one and strictly illegal. Under Maryland law a moving company cannot refuse to deliver a customer’s household goods when the move is within the state.

The bait and switch scam by moving companies happens many times a day in the US but what makes this case particularly unpleasant is that Carlyn’s daughter is unfortunately a deaf-mute with cerebral palsy. Taken away were not only their beds, clothes etc., but also vital medicines and equipment used by Carlyn’s daughter.

Fortunately, the Attorney General of Maryland, Brian Frosh took up the case and
Carlyn and her daughter were reunited with their belongings after 18 days. Frosh is now suing Best Offer Moving Company and the owner Andrey Dziapka.

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Moving APT Fake Reviews

On their website, Moving APT claim to be “a long distance moving company” when in fact they have no current for-hire operating authority with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). In reality they are a broker with a terrible reputation, as regular readers will know. See:

Recently Moving APT have been trying to salvage their reputation by posting fake reviews all over the web, including this website. Here are two reviews that they tried to post in our comments section:

Author: Jack fish (IP:
Have never used a moving company before and finally decided I didn’t want to deal with all the hassle myself. All American made my moving experience painless from start to finish with no surprises. They were on time and professional, all with a competitive price. Nothing was damaged and everything was handled with care. I would hire them to move my house again without a question.

Author: Mike Nalson (IP:
I recently moved from Weston Fl to CA everybody told me that moving was going to be stressful and do my homework on the company that I am going to choose even other moving companies I was speaking to were telling me my move was going to be tough. I moved from a third floor apartment with no elevator to a town home that you have to first walk up the stairs to get to my living room then another flight of stairs to the bedrooms. Different companies were quoting me different prices I was getting outrageous quotes some companies were telling me they wanted to charge for stairs each flight!! When I was finally contacted by an All American agent they explained the details of the job the hours it would take a provided me with a binding quote. They promised me that if my quote came in under they would adjust my bill and they did so. I had no hidden fees nor did I have any damages. The men were very polite and very professional everything was cared for the way it should have been. I am honestly surprised how smooth everything went. If you are looking for a good company this is the company to go with.

The two comments were posted from the same IP address using the same fake email address. It is no surprise that these two fake review attempts are as incompetent as their dealings with their clients.

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New Jersey Sting

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs (NJDCA) deserve an award! In the past they have been very successful at undercover sting operations targeting rouge movers, here and here for example.

However, the NJDCA most recent sting was a real doozy netting 21 unlicensed public movers and five arrests on outstanding warrants. In addition, the Mobile Safety Freight Unit of the New Jersey State Police found 95 violations during mechanical inspections of the moving vans and trucks.

The Notice of Violation issued to each unlicensed public mover carries a civil penalty of $2,500 which is reduced to $1,250 if they become licensed within 30 days.

Movers receiving a Notice of Violation were:

  • 4 Brothers Moving, Garfield
  • ABC Moving, aka “Official Moving & Storage,” Brooklyn, New York
  • Soho Moving & Storage, Old Bridge
  • Moverland, aka “Manhattan Movers,” aka “Hoboken Movers,” Newark
  • Mike Davis Pro Service, Cranford
  • A Precision Movers, Belmar
  • James Grodon Jr., Milford
  • Hezzy’s In & Out Moving, Elmwood Park
  • Beastman Movers, Northfield
  • Garden City Movers aka “NJ State Moving Inc.,” Elizabeth
  • Black Moon Movers, North Bergen
  • Emmanuel Moving & Cleaning Service, Elizabeth
  • Northeastern Van Lines, Queens, New York
  • Stevenson’s Moving, East Orange
  • Edison Movers, aka “M&M Moving & Storage,” Astoria, New York
  • Rowell’s Moving and Hauling, Pleasantville
  • Desoto Movers, Vineland
  • Master Movers, Cherry Hill
  • Rommel Service, Woodland Park
  • TGS Moving, Newark
  • IC Moving, Princeton
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Moving Company Fugitive Captured

Neom Israeli captured in Washington
Noem Israeli
Wanted For: Fraud Involving Moving Company
Charges: Conspiracy and grand theft
DOB: 04.29.1983
Age: 32
Height: 6′ 1″
Weight: 180 lbs.
NCIC No: W807218457

As we reported in April 2013 after a four year investigation by local and federal authorities a grand jury in Santa Clara County, California, charged eight individuals who owned and/or were employed by ASAP Relocations, Incorporated (ASAP), San Jose, California, for their respective roles in a scheme to defraud customers who had hired ASAP to move their household goods.

The individuals charged were: Moaz Kadesh, ASAP Foreman and Office Manager; Roni Hayon, ASAP owner and Chief Executive Officer; Adii Therese Karter, Hayon’s wife; Adalinda Reyna-Mendoza, ASAP Customer Service and Dispatch Manager; Wayne Allen, ASAP Sales Manager; Elazar Nisanov, ASAP Foreman; Ido Or, ASAP Foreman and Office Manager; and Noam Israeli, ASAP Foreman and Office Manager. The charges included conspiracy to commit grand theft, extortion, money laundering, tax fraud, and filing false employment tax returns.

The good news is that after 33 months on the run Noam Israeli was arrested after police in Washington State received an unrelated complaint about an erratic driver. Officers from the Arlington, Washington Police Department investigated the complaint and discovered that the perpetrator, Israeli, was wanted in California by State authorities, Department of Transport, Office of the Inspector General and FBI. He was living and working at a local business near Arlington. He is being held in Snohomish County Washington pending extradition to California to face charges for his alleged involvement in a household goods moving fraud scheme.

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Where Did America Move in 2015?

Allied Van Lines has published its annual trend report on U.S. migration patterns based on their own data (sortable table below). The study is based on household moves handled by United within the 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C.

Florida topped the list with a net gain of (3,168) households, Texas was second with a net gain (2,860) followed by North Carolina (1,858), Oregon (1,587) and Washington (1,089).

New York was the top outbound state with (2,818) net outbound moves followed by Illinois (2,505), New Jersey (2,061), Ohio (1,266) and Connecticut (869).

Based on Allied Van Lines data the most mobile State was California with 26,715 moves. Several states gained approximately the same number of residents as those that left including Alabama, North Dakota, Delaware and Louisiana.

You can read the full press release here.

StateOutboundInboundNet Moves2015 Rank2014 RankChange 2014-15
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Duntara AKA American Moving and Storage

Fort Lauderdale, FL moving company Duntara Moving & Storage (doing business as American Moving and Storage) are in the news this week.

Duntara Moving And StorageHarold Hoffman’s move from New Jersey to Broward County started badly when after waiting all day the truck showed up at 5 pm. It took until 11 pm to load up at which point he was told that the original estimate of $2,900 had become nearly $5,000.

Upon delivery Hoffman was told to pay the difference in cash before the driver would unload. Not only was he the victim of the common hostage moving scam but when he inspected his belongings some items had been damaged and others were missing.

American Moving and StorageCalls to Mike Ozen the owner of Duntara were never returned and Ozen even went into hiding when the local TV station visited his company’s office in person.

With 22 one star reviews out of a total of 25 on Yelp and 65 complaints in the last three years registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) none of this is surprising.

Typical Yelp comments include:

“Run, hide, don’t ever use this company” – Summer A. of San Diego, CA.

“This place deserves zero stars” – Thomas N. of Melbourne, FL.

“They are the worst company I have ever worked with” – Jodi F. of Chicago, IL.

“Warning do not hire them” – Carly S. of Boston, MA.

Duntara truck

If you use this company be prepared for a moving nightmare.

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Moving Company Fake Reviews Busted

A TV news item on KPRC 2 last week showed an undercover video taken in the food court at Houston’s Galleria. In the clip below you can see a woman in the food court approached by a man offering $10 cash for a five star review of Movers Fort Worth based in Bellaire Drive S, Fort Worth, TX. She agrees and the man then takes her phone and uses the Yelp App to leave a favourable review. Subsequently the review showed up word for word on the Yelp page for Movers Fort Worth. (Although Movers Fort Worth claims to be a moving company it is just a two-bit broker with a disposable office and telephone).

Movers Fort Worth is part of a nationwide fake review scam run by Sukhrab Karimov. His center of operations is the Movers Alliance of Westmorland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA which claims to be “An alliance of the best moving companies under one roof”. It is in fact no such thing and is simply front for dozens of scam moving companies including; The Incredible Movers Inc., ABC Moving & Storage, Professionals Movers, Pyramid Moving Systems, JT Relocation, All Out Moving & Storage, Green World Moving and many others.

Regular readers will know that we have highlighted the problem of moving company fake reviews many times in the past. Now fortunately Yelp have investigated the fake review network and issued Reputation Warnings (image below) on more than 100 listings for moving companies who are connected to the Movers Alliance.

The Yelp warning that the reviews are suspect

Yelp have published a small portion of the evidence accumulated during the investigation.

Yelp noticed many reviews on listings associated with Movers Alliance that mention discounts in exchange for Yelp reviews. Here are some examples, with relevant portions highlighted.

Reviews for discounts

Yelp were forwarded messages showing that users received discounts in exchange for posting reviews on Movers Alliance listings, including listings in different states than the business they transacted with.

More reviews for discounts

Movers Alliance associated businesses offered payment in exchange for users moving reviews to listings in other states, with which the user had no experience.

Paid for reviews

Yelp have evidence of Movers Alliance agreements to remove reviews in exchange for refunds.

Paid to remove bad reviews

Yelp have evidence that businesses affiliated with Movers Alliance paid users for reviews.

More reviews for payment

Highlighting fake reviws for 100 moving companies is the tip of the iceburg but it’s a start.

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Moving Company Scammers Plead Guilty

Two court updates this week.

Tasheen “Ty” R. PickettLast week moving company scammer Tasheen Pickett of Fulton County pleaded guilty to conspiracy to transport stolen property related to a scheme to rob customers of their household possessions in U.S. District Court, Atlanta, GA.

Pickett owned and operated J and P Moving, a company that claimed to provide moving services even though they had no authority from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to do so. They would load up customers possessions and hold them hostage or never return them.

U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of Inspector General agents identified thirty-four victims of stolen or hostage loads taken by Pickett. Fortunately they were able to reunite twenty of the victims with most but not all of their possessions. Pickett is scheduled to be sentenced January 6, 2016.

January 20th, 2016 Update: After pleading guilty Tasheen Pickett has been sentenced to 48 months in prison and three years of supervised release. He is also ordered to pay more than $400,000 in restitution, court documents reveal.

Louis MassaroAlso last week Louis Massaro of Scottsdale, AZ and Pompano Beach, FL pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud, money laundering and failure to return household goods.

Massaro owned and operated Moving and Storage Inc., which did business as Neighbors Moving and Storage. Although the company advertised as a mover of household goods they actually operated as a broker and without notifying their clients passed jobs onto other carriers.

Massaro and his co-conspirator (the actual carrier) operated a bait and switch scam in which Neighbors Moving and Storage would provide lowball estimates and falsely tell customers that upon payment of a deposit and a binding fee the price would be guaranteed.

After customers made initial payments Massaro and his co-conspirators would obtain more money from them in ways that are very familiar to regular readers. These include lying about the number of items to be moved and or the weight of those items. Afterwards the price of the move would increase by thousands of dollars and drivers were directed not to deliver any goods until all the money was collected.

If a customer refused to pay they were told that their household goods would be placed in storage and that they would have to pay before their goods would be delivered including an additional amount of money for storage fees. If they failed to do so, their items would be sold at auction.

Federal authorities said that victims lost more than $112,000 over the lifespan of Massaro’s scam which lasted for just over two years.

Massaro’s activities are mentioned in an interesting article on The Mafia and The Moving & Storage Industry in Florida.

Massaro is scheduled to be sentenced February 9, 2016.